Advertisement, on the other hand, is one of the communication processes to promote the brand through mass media.

Marketing (we can't leave this subject now) is a pull strategy which creates product / services to meet a particular need of a segment of people.

Sales is a push strategy where you produce products / services without any care of the market and then sell them through promotions to anyone who might buy. 
As a very sales driven country we are completely ignorant of the subject called “Marketing”. We think marketing is promotion and branding is advertisement. This is sad because this is the reason, why, instead of focusing on value proposing to pull the customers to us, we push the products with discounts after discounts thereby competing with our competition on just price.
In these days of quick availability of information, it is very easy to learn about a subject and then be an expert by practice; which essentially means you really have to LEARN the subject to begin with to become the EXPERT you are trying to be. It’s not that difficult. :)