Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Choose Instragram to Humanize Your Brand.

‪#‎Instagram‬ is no more a go-to social network for individuals anymore; many marketers have now caught wind of this powerful social network and using it very creatively.

The platform's heavy emphasis on visual content like photos, videos, illustrations, and GIFs is becoming a critical way for brands to communicate their story and message. Plus, it's a great way for businesses to humanize their brand, recruit future employees, showcase their product and content, and delight and engage customers.One particularly great thing about Instagram is that it isn't just for still photography. 
There's a lot of directions to go with each post, whether it's posting shots from behind-the-scenes, videos, animated GIFs, holiday-themed content, contests and giveaways, reposts of followers and employees ... the list goes on.
Talk to us if you want us to build your Instagram plan.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Meet our First Marketing‬ ‪‎Strategy‬ ‪‎Advisory‬ Client : Pure Ice

Meet our First Marketing‬ ‪‎Strategy‬ ‪‎Advisory‬ Client : Pure Ice

Year : 2008 
Duration of work: 6 months
About the Client: Bangalore’s first branded ice cubes for B2B & B2C market
What We did for them:
  • Market & Marketing Strategy Advisory -
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Segment, Target & Positioning Strategy
  • Pricing & Distribution Strategy
  • Product Launch – events planning
  • Helped with the Brand Identity (logo) design guideline.

What we learnt: That ice cubes were unsafe mostly, and there are three different types of ice cubes based on what drink you are having.
Success Story : Now they are the leading ice cube brand in Bangalore, selling up to 10,000 kg per month!