Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Meet our First Marketing‬ ‪‎Strategy‬ ‪‎Advisory‬ Client : Pure Ice

Meet our First Marketing‬ ‪‎Strategy‬ ‪‎Advisory‬ Client : Pure Ice

Year : 2008 
Duration of work: 6 months
About the Client: Bangalore’s first branded ice cubes for B2B & B2C market
What We did for them:
  • Market & Marketing Strategy Advisory -
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Segment, Target & Positioning Strategy
  • Pricing & Distribution Strategy
  • Product Launch – events planning
  • Helped with the Brand Identity (logo) design guideline.

What we learnt: That ice cubes were unsafe mostly, and there are three different types of ice cubes based on what drink you are having.
Success Story : Now they are the leading ice cube brand in Bangalore, selling up to 10,000 kg per month!


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