Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reply to the Question asked yesterday

Let's accept the reality of the life is that everything in this world has become complex and Marketing and Sales as a discipline is also not an aberration. The whole complexity originates from the very fact that we the people who are also consumers have become complex in terms of our needs and wants. As student of this faculty and practising manager it is very important for us to understand the whole phenomena of what is called market dynamics. Since ages we have been trying our best to understand the simple things in our life and come up with certain theories to enhance the predictability that is why and how laws of gravity, theorems of geometry and everything came into existance. Marketing jargons and theories are also an attempt to understand the things properly and to create a pattern that could help us control. But the biggest problem in life is when we muddle through everything and think that we have finally reached the destination to score, to our dismay we find that goal post has shifted. In short, yes jargons and theories are important, it helps our understanding.

Mr. Manoj Kr.
DGM - Institutional Sales,
HR Johnson Tiles,

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